so I tore up my back today, found out the girl i liked was playing the hell outta me, and many of my good friends got in a wreck today. great day

she called me late last night to say she loved me so

but i guess he changed her mind

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Great moments in tv history

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do any of you even like my blog or am i just here entertaining myself

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Jees I haven’t been on here in a while

but yall are still the same



today in science we had this sub nd the other people went outside so it was just me and a couple friends so we flipped all the chairs upside down and formed a satanic star in the middle of the room w yard sticks and i laid in t he middle of th floor while all the other people acted like they were sacrificing me th en the sub came in and the only thing he said was “oh not again”


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I have two emotions

  1. swaggy
  2. not swaggy

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